I will work with you to tailor a package that addresses your specific needs....

My specialty is using the items you already have to style each room in your home into a space a prospective buyer could imagine their-selves living in or to create a space that reflects the needs of your family while making it stylish and comfortable to "live" in. 

For more information on how I can help you call......

(856) 413-5995

Occupied Staging and Re-Design services......


  I believe in visiting with you in your home to chat and find out if we are a good fit to work together, before any type of commitment is made. This meeting will be very casual and the purpose is to find out exactly what you are looking for and how I can make that happen for you.  If we agree that we are a good fit and you would like to move toward having me style or stage your home we will discuss particulars at that time.  This initial meeting is about an hour.



I will utilize a detailed Checklist at your in home consultation to record everything that needs to be done. By the end of our consultation, i will have enough information to create a full report so you will know what you need for your home to be custom styled to your needs or staged to get the best price possible for your home if its to be sold!

  • We start with a phone interview if we haven't met previously, so we can discuss  your needs and which services will be a good fit  as well as allowing time to research and prepare for our Consultation time
  • Using a detailed checklist we walk through the home and discuss optimal changes to create your ultimate space or optimum return-on-investment, staging strategies that will have a big, emotional impact on your buyers
  • For your convenience, the detailed report will includes an essential "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist"

Half Day "Quick styling"

I will roll up my sleeves and physically stage the main areas of the home (usually 2-3 rooms) based upon the consultation recommendations.

  • The transformations made a will make a huge difference in the homes appearance.
  • I will bring accessories to utilize in the photos taken for your home (you have the option to purchase the accessories). 
  • I will work up to 4 hours which will include photographs of the transformations made.

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving



Do you have a larger home (over 2000 square feet) that could use more than a few hours of work?  No problem!

  • I will make numerous changes in the home to benefit your optimum listing price or to give you the maximum changes possible in a day for your specific needs and lifestyle. 
  • I will bring accessories to use as examples (or for you to buy), as well as create a list of additional suggestions or purchases  to complete your home's transformation.
  • I will work for up to 7 hours which will include photos taken for your listing or personal records. 

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving


Additional Add on Services .......

Do you have other needs along with redesign or staging?  No problem!

  • Seasonal Holiday Decorating 
  • Home Organization
  • Customized services to be discussed per individual home needs


Need help with purchasing what you need?  We are " PROFESSIONAL SHOPPERS" who can save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE to go for the best deals and WHAT to shop for.  We also get "to the trade" discounts at many places which we will happily pass on to you!


If you are in need of vacant or model home staging, here is where we shine!  We provide many options that will benefit you to the fullest...

  • After a complete home assessment, we will deliver a proposal that offers a Good, Better, Best option to fit every budget
  • We use top quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that creates the excitement needed for a buyer to "fall in love" with the home.

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving

Not all vacant home staging is created equal!